Pokemon Go Catch Em All Tips Review

Pokemon Go Catch Em All Tips

The game was just released… but you’d be shocked at how many challenges there are on your way to rocking gyms, boosting your team, and catching the full roster of Pokemon. Some of them are technical – this game makes you do a LOT of walking around

And some are just due to the nature of the game. Live in a rural area? Either shell out in the Pokeshop or prepare to suffer. But some of us are crushing it with Pokemon Go, wowing our friends, and filling our Pokedexes with high CP pokemon. And I’d love to show you how.

If you’re into Pokemon Go, you’re going to have EVERYTHING you need to crush it… again, even just KNOWING what we know is like having the game pay you $8 a week for playing. You’re going to know this game front and back, and we’re constantly on top of the updates being made to the game, so you’ll NEVER be left behind when Niantic gets a bug up their butt about one feature or another one.

Don’t remember all the types and weaknesses? We made a chart that has you covered.

DOMINATE Pokemon Go…starting right now!

Pokemon Go Catch Em All