Link Grand Reviews

If you are planning on opening a free account only to click on links to earn money, this program may not be the best for you. Please see the table on our main page for programs that offer higher payout ratios here. The advantage of LinkGrand is that you can join with a free membership and still get a very high commission on your referral’s clicks and purchases. You earn 30% of anything your referrals earn by clicking and 10% on any purchases they make such as ads. The reason LinkGrand can offer such a high percentage commission on referrals’ clicks is because it does not pay as much as others to begin with ($0.003 for free and $0.006 for premium).

However, there are many interesting advantages to LinkGrand that combined with the high commission structure on referrals can earn you a lot of money. For one thing, unlike most other programs, you can pay a flat $20 for a lifetime premium membership. The yearly cost is $10/year which is pretty average. If you take advantage of this offer to double the payout ratio of your clicks and to have a lot more links available to you, the program starts getting interesting.

LinkGrand provides quality, unique views for your website starting at just $5.00 per thousand views.

All hits are guaranteed to be from REAL visitors.

Ordering is quick and easy.